Level measurement

  • Level measurement in tanks and containers and in processes

  • Waste water gauge measurement

  • Monitoring liquid levels in bottling plants

  • Checking for tailbacks on conveyor belts

  • Monitoring contents of granulate hoppers on injection molding machines

  • Distance monitoring on combine harvesters, beet lifters etc.

  • Monitoring ground clearance and distance on agriculture and construction vehicles

Process control

  • Controlling belt tension or sag

  • Sensing and signaling valve positions

  • Measuring roll diameter on reeling machines

  • Monitoring the height of stacks (charges, storehouse, assembling machines)

  • Detecting material feed

  • Detecting the feed of strip stock to blanking machines and presses

  • Detecting on plastic blow-molding machines


Counting / detection

  • Counting persons at sales displays or show cases

  • Access supervision at rotating doors, counters etc.

  • Door automation

  • Detecting transparent objects, foils, flat glass, bottles etc.

  • Sensing objects in robot grippers

  • Recognising full or empty pallets

  • Count and detect objects with 'difficult' surface

  • Detect wrong parts on conveyors

  • Collision protection on vehicles

Scanning of dimensions

  • Determining the dimensions of packages

  • Sensing the height of plants in automated green houses

  • Measuring the volume of tree-trunks


About Us

SNT Sensortechnik AG is a pioneer in the field of ultrasonic sensors for distance measurement. The SONARANGE ultrasonic transducers are developed and manufactured in house.

di-soric SNT AG has been the Swiss subsidiary of the di-soric Group since 2018.


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