UPB Series

High performance ultrasonic through beam sensor up to 2500mm (200Hz)



Large detection range up to 2500mm


Small size in popular ‚R-Shape’


Microprozessor controlled


No blind range


Very high switching frequency (200Hz)


For detection of fast objects and objects with small distance to each other


For detection of non right-angled surfaces


Adjustable transmitter power


Adjustable switching delay


Works under dust, dirt, fog, bright light


Detects transparent and bright objects


Waterproof, IP 67, oil resistant, robust



















UPB 1500 P 24 CT + UPB 1500 PVPS 24 CR

UPB 2500 P 24 CT + UPB 2500 PVPS 24 CR




Application hint


By means of a hole orifice in front of the receiver (to be machined by the customer), the ultrasound beam can be focused. Thus even smaller objects can easily be detected. This is possible also in dirty environment where optical sensors will fail after short time.












Cross wise mounting of transmitter

and receivers

    Level monitoring of soft fillers (e.g. Textiles)  

Testing holes in milk packs




Ultrasonic sensors are perfectly suited for detection of objects with very different surfaces and under bad environmental conditions (dust, dirt, fog, bright light). A disadvantage is their relatively low measuring speed, caused by the slow speed of sound compared e.g. to the speed of light. Moreover the so called blind range of ultrasonic scanner type sensors (transmitter and receiver in the same sensor) might be sometimes a disadvantage, too.

Those disadvantages are eliminated with the ultrasonic through beam sensors UPB. In the same way as with a light barrier, the full range between transmitter and receiver can be used. There is no blind range. The measuring speed of 200Hz is very high as well. The microprocessor controlled UPB series combines high acoustic power with small size. This is achieved with new optimized acoustic SONARANGE transducers working at high electrical voltages.

The high measuring speed combined with the large measuring range of 2500mm are the outstanding characteristics of the UPB ultrasonic through beam sensors.



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